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HACIENDA HERRERA TAMBOPATA in compliance with the provisions of Law 29733 Law on Protection of Personal Data and its amendments, undertakes to guarantee the fundamental right to the protection of personal data, provided for in article 2 number 6 of the Political Constitution of Peru, obtained from its shareholders, clients, suppliers, personnel, collaborators, and any other natural person who has contact with HACIENDA HERRERA TAMBOPATA, to guarantee the exercise of their rights.


The objective of this document is to establish the necessary directives for the treatment of personal data contained in the data banks of HACIENDA HERRERA TAMBOPATA, in accordance with the provisions of Law 29733 and its amendments, whether digital or physical, which are registered in the National Data Bank Registry.


The Corporate Policy for the Protection of Personal Data of HACIENDA HERRERA TAMBOPATA covers all processes that manage personal data of clients, service providers, personnel, collaborators who work or have a direct relationship with the Company. The policy will be known and fully complied with by all HACIENDA HERRERA TAMBOPATA personnel.


This Policy is integrated with the Information Security Manual and documentation related to Information Asset Management, within the framework of the Entity's Risk Management. HACIENDA HERRERA TAMBOPATA. protects personal data, based on the following directives:

  • Comply with current legal and contractual provisions regarding the protection of personal data, with the corresponding security measures.

  • Guarantee the rights of privacy, intimacy, honor and good name, in the treatment of personal data collected by the Company, and consequently all its actions will be governed by the principles of legality, consent, purpose, proportionality, quality, security, availability of resources and adequate level of protection.

  • Safeguard and prevent access to personal data to any third party; guaranteeing the exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of personal data. Likewise, inform the user that he will be solely responsible for the data that he enters in the forms with false, inaccurate, incomplete or outdated data.

  • Establish and disseminate the responsibilities of the Company's staff and collaborators regarding the processing of personal data.

  • Raise awareness and train the staff and collaborators of HACIENDA HERRERA TAMBOPATA through appropriate communication mechanisms, in order to strengthen the objectives, values ​​and commitments in compliance with this policy.

  • Ensure the provision of the resources required to establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve the implementation of the standards.


The administration will issue the regulations and other relevant tools that contain the details required for the proper application of this Policy.

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